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From technical texts, to websites, invitations, didactic material, product descriptions, press releases and literature, I translate your texts true to the original and in the correct style.

As a state-certified translator for Spanish, I translate official documents and certificates between German and Spanish (all countries).

Leave your texts in my professional hands:

Übersetzen - Deutsch, Spanisch, Englisch - Nina Ostermann

  • I will find the exact equivalent for each and every term (which is not always the one suggested by a dictionary).
  •  Cultural aspects used solely in certain areas will be explained, if necessary, in a footnote, so that your translation makes sense from the beginning to the end.
  • The target text will contain exactly the same information and have the same effect as the source text.
  • You will receive the translation on time.


The successful localization of texts is becoming increasingly important for modern companies entering new markets:
While translating your text, I will pay special attention to its effect on the new target audience. Cultural aspects, expressions, allusions and everyday language usage – i.e. marketing strategies – play an essential role. As a language and culture expert, I know how your new target audience “works” and how language must be used to achieve the result you have in mind.
In doing so, I ensure that your marketing campaign also inspires and convinces customers in new regional markets.


A little more creativity?
Transcreations are a mixture of a translation and a new creation and is becoming an increasingly popular marketing technique, especially for modern companies:
While translating your text, I will pay special attention to its emotional impact on the target audience. I will sometimes “change” an entire sentence, pick another example or modify the wording so that the new target audience has the same images coming to mind as readers of the source language text.
I thus ensure that your marketing campaign wins over customers from a new language area with the same wit and charm.

Contact me for your inquiry or any questions you may have:

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