Why invest in a professional language service?

"Communication is important."
Certainly, many people with a knowledge of foreign languages could translate this sentence.

But don’t you expect a little more?
After all, it's all about conveying your message!

Don't you want to make sure that your message reaches your audience in its entirety and in the right tone?
Wouldn't it be a relief to know that more complex messages, loke the following, will also be translated without anything getting lost along the way?

"The number of people subject to social security contributions has increased by 2% this month compared to the previous year, even though GDP per capita has fallen 10% during this period".

Wouldn't it be beneficial, or even indispensable, if the voice in your ear interpreted “die IG Metall” not only as "IG Metall", but as "the German trade union IG Metall", thus enabling real understanding instead of just translating (meaningless) words?

Are we talking about the

...Federal Constitutional Court, the Federal Supreme Court or the Federal Administrative Court?
...the OECD or the OSCE?

What really makes a difference
Competent language service providers think ahead! And they are experts in their fields of work.
Not only do we excel at our languages, we also have broad general knowledge of the countries and cultures of our working languages.
We put ourselves in our clients' shoes, explain and research.
And we are always eager to keep learning!

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