Nina Ostermann - Dolmetschen, Übersetzen, Sprachunterricht - Deutsch, Spanisch, Englisch


I’m Nina Ostermann,

  • state-certified translator for Spanish, translator for English

Competent. Reliable. Engaging.

My goal is to enable communication and understanding between people - across languages and cultural barriers.
In order to do so,  I rely, in addition to my linguistic skill, on empathy, my ability to interpret gestures and facial expressions, as well as maintaining a general overview even as I pay great attention to details.

Professional consultation and expertise:

I would be happy to support you right from the beginning of your multilingual project.
Perhaps you would like to start by getting an overview of the best type of interpreting for your event?
Or would you like someone to read your documents such as invitations, event or product descriptions and give them the finishing touches or creative input?


I’d be happy to advise you:

Professionality guaranteed!

Verband der Konferenzdolmetscher (VKD) im Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (BDÜ)

Quality, confidentiality and teamwork are crucial for me.

I am a member of the German Professional Association of Conference Interpreters (VKD), a member association of the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ).
Thus, I am committed to adhering to the association’s standards of high quality and its code of conduct, which guarantees, among other things:


“BDÜ Conference Interpreters shall only accept assignments for which they are sufficiently qualified.”
(source: code of conduct, BDÜ)


“BDÜ Conference Interpreters undertake to treat all information they are provided with in connection with an assignment in strict confidence and to not use it for their own benefit.”

(source: code of conduct, BDÜ)


As a member of the VKD association, I am in close contact with my colleagues. If you need a service for a language that I do not offer, I can find the right person for your needs.
For larger projects, I will gladly put together a professional team of interpreters or translators.
Thanks to the numerous further training courses and publications offered by the professional association, I always stay up-to-date and keep pace with new developments in my work areas.

Franz-Geiler-Platz 1
79106 Freiburg

Tel.: +49 176 57935265